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Thank you, Tru, for clarifying the issue of Asperger’s. There is no association between Asperger’s and violent behavior whatsoever. In fact, the rage he obviously felt is counterintuitive to my understanding of Asperger’s. I, too, wondered what in hell was wrong with this mother for having these guns in the house. The media said she liked to target shoot; why did she need an assault rifle for that? She supposedly told the babysitter not to turn his back on her son when he was much younger. Why would you have guns in the house if this was your perception of your child? Why did she go away and leave him alone for days? I just don’t understand many parents; they seem to think their desires come before their children’s needs.

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Mother Jones was forced to it’s Guide to Mass Shootings In America which, earlier in the year, documented the 62 cases of mass shootings involving guns in the U.S. since 1982. Of these, 11 have been in schools. Young, white men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of mass shootings. Among major mass murderers during the last century, (see comments, below). White boys and men are not biologically or genetically predisposed to be homicidal mass murders or domestic abusers. However, violence is part of how American masculinity is defined. And guns are part of that violence.

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Many responders here come from the nurture side of the nature/nuture positions and it it is a much more optimistic position but what if men simply are more prone to violence? New studies in evolutionary biology suggest that there are some behaviors that we repeatedly make mistakes in. That there may be some areas of our behavior that we continually run up against in our ability to change. Men may be biologically just more wired for this, a kind of biological safety net meant to be accessed in cases us survival. Look at the the amount of entertainment that focus’s on violence that relatively safe countries like the US produce and consume. Is tis desire to experience these sensations even if imaginary satisfying a desire to test oneself in extreme situations, an experience many men seek , especially young men. Not hard to see how this passes into the adult work place but within more acceptable norms of behavior. If we look at the statistical difference in crime rates one has to ask is it all culture? I do think that that culture can play a huge role in channeling aggression to more productive outcomes, I think Diane’s argument is a good one in that young boys need guidance in learning to manage their feelings . Good role models, especially from other men are crucial, especially during adolescent when they are adjusting to higher levels of testosterone. I guess that’s why sports has always been seen as a good outlet. As someone in the arts I think this field also offers a lot of opportunity for healthy release .
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Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence by Dale Peterson, Richard Wrangham
The Warriors. Reflections on Men in Battle by J. Glen Gray

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I remember clearly that when I was five years old, after having been in school for about two weeks, I realized that “boys aren’t smarter than girls.” I was very surprised. I had obviously been taught that boys were smarter, better, etc. If I had been taught that, so had the boys. Imagine what it is like to be taught that you are smarter, stronger and better than at least half of the population and then discovering that you are not.

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The reason why male violence and mass shootings or male violence period are not discussed because our culture supports patriarchal views and religions. We have had a long tradition of raise our daughters to be responsible and explain away our male inappropriate behaviors. Our culture is more busy telling women what they should look like, act like and feel and completely ignores the other half regarding standards, morals, etc. While men, traditionally have waged war on the globe with the support of religion (also male based) and violence is upheld (football) and applauded along with hefty financial rewards. War is our largest industry and looked upon as honorable. Our culture denies men’s feelings and teaches them emotions are to be ridiculed and ignored or that they are ‘girly’. We send very biased messaged in the media as well. Our history books are male based centered on wars and conquest totally ignoring the glorious contributions of women to civilization. So when a culture presents war and violence as a ‘manly’ white right it certain gets where its headed.

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The patriarchy isn’t in our genes, it’s in our culture and can therefore be changed, if there is the will to do so. The only reason it hasn’t happened thus far is because white men benefit most from the patriarchy and white men currently rule the world. But the will to change is growing, which is partly what motivates the angry young men in the article.