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The international migration of health workers is accelerating. Over the last decade there has been a 60% increase in the number of migrant doctors and nurses working in OECD countries: with almost 2 million migrant doctors and nurses working in OECD countries alone. Future projections point to a continuing acceleration in the international migration of health workers, with an increasing mismatch between the supply of and economic demand for health workers.

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Background: A central element in progressing Universal Health Coverage and delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the health workforce (WHO 2014). With an estimated global health worker needs-based shortages of 14.5 million by 2030 (WHO 2016), specifically in nursing and midwifery, one way many countries have addressed this challenge is through governmental policy or legislation (Wales Act 2016, Irish Govt. 2016), on nursing and midwifery workforce planning to improve health outcomes. Such approaches have drawn upon inter-sectoral engagement to optimise skills/roles to respond directly to population health needs. Evidence suggests that increased reliance on Advanced Nurse Practitioners roles improves service accessibility and quality care while optimising expenditure. There is substantial and growing evidence demonstrating the relationship between graduate nurse staffing and patient outcomes (Aiken et al 2014). Equally, it is well understood that the lack of a well trained birth attendant significantly contributes to maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity (UNFPA 2015). Thus, there is a need for policy and implementation approaches that focus on the appropriate deployment/distribution, role development, retention and performance of healthcare staff to deliver improved health outcomes, enabled through the alignment of education, utilisation of skills/roles to meet population needs.

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Therefore when considering the information and evidence you have provided, I find that you have failed to adequately demonstrate sufficient evidence that may support the likelihood of your compliance with the conditions attached to the visa and your return home at the end of your proposed stay in Australia.

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Sorry for half msg on top. Pls help me and what I can do. Im not studying or working at the moment. Because im waiting to settle in Australia and do my education in there. So I have no evidence to show them that I will come back to sri Lanka. But we are waiting to get his divorce and get married and settle in Australia. But till that I want live with him. But he can’t live in sri Lanka with out job. We explain and gave all the evidence. But they refuse it. Pls tell me what can we do. Thanks.

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Hi,I am planning to apply for Australia student visa subclass 572. One of the requirements is to submit a copy the TOEFL score card. I have already taken the test and scored 107/120. But I have not yet received the score card. Is there any other alternate document that I can submit as to show the proof of score ?
Thanks in advance

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hi there i have a question
my student visa was cancelled in 2011 due to low attendance in college and i applied for mrt but i didn’t hire any advocate.. the thing is now i came back to india last year .. but didn’t hear anything from mrt people. so my question is is there any chances i can still hire a advocate…
and will there b any chances of me getting back there .. pls pls advice me what can i do to come back to australia…
thank u very much for ur time

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I was wondering if you could please help. I have applied to sponsor my in laws to Australia to meet their grandchildren. I got a phone call off them saying that they have been refused. I am a little confused as to why as both have been to Australia before. My mother in law has a Syrian Passport but wad nevet born in Syria nor lived there as her father resided in Lebanon. She has documentation to state that she was born and has lived in Lebanon all her life. My father in law is Palestinian with a UN status but again born and lived in Lebanon and has been here to as we sponsored them both before and like I said both have come and gone before. Could you please help?