Are teenagers and adults affected by violence in video games?

I noticed some of you have acknowledged the "competative" nature ofvideo games. This learned sense of competition is fine but is not to beassociated with "agressive behavior" there is a distinct line betweennumber of goals and number of frags. The issue is the Violence, not thethe rules.

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N2 - Violent content video games such as Mortal Kombat and Doom have become very popular among children and adolescents, causing great concern for parents, teachers, and policy makers. This study cumulates findings across existing empirical research on the effects of violent video games to estimate overall effect size and discern important trends and moderating variables. Results suggest there is a smaller effect of violent video games on aggression than has been found with television violence on aggression. This effect is positively associated with type of game violence and negatively related to time spent playing the games. Directions for future programmatic research on video games are outlined.

Do video games lead to increased aggression and violence?

What can we say about how violent video games effect children in the ?
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The U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop once claimed that arcade andhome video games are among the top three causes of family. Althoughthere have been studies that have found video game violence to havelittle negative effects on their players, there are also many studiesthat have found a positive correlation between negative behavior, suchas aggression, and video and computer game violence. Thus, in order tototally assess the effects of game violence on its users, the limitingconditions under which there are effects must be taken into account,which include age, gender, and class/level of education. However, violent games do affect children, as the studies show,especially early teens, and I feel that there needs to be a stricterregulation regarding the availability of these games to young children.

Do Video Games Inspire Violent Behavior? - Scientific American

I'm 15 and a half and I respectfully have to disagree with you. I play a considerable amount of video games, some violent and some not. Politicians, parents, and critics are overreacting to the violence depicted in video games. Video games that have mild or extreme violence are usually blamed for school shootings and murders all around the world but I can wholeheartedly assure you that they are NOT the cause of violent rampages. The most notable of these rampages is the Colombine shooting mainly because Eric Harris and Dylan Kebold were avid players of the 1990's first person shooter "Doom". Violent video games do not train teenagers to go kill people or cause destruction, it is always something else. Other factors are involved in most of these shootings. I really think that people need to stop overreacting about violent video games and if parents are truly concerned for the mental well-being of their kids, then maybe they need to moniter what they play. I have several M rated video games but my family understands that I am old and mature enough to play these games and not have them affect me. By the way, video games should not be banned etheir, which some people want to happen. Video games are protected by the first amendment and thus ultimately qualify as free speech. Thank you. PS just to let you know, I have an IQ of 137.

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I have read this and many other articles on things like this and they always have negative things to say about video games.I have played video games for a long time now with my first console being the Sega Genesis and my first games being Sonic Spinball as well as RoboCop Vs. The Terminator all the way to Halo Reach, Fallout 3, and Dead Space for the Xbox-360 and well I have to tell you in that time span I have only gotten in 2 fights and i always try to avoid violent confrontations now I'm in college with good grade in all my classes and i still play video games and they have not affected me in any negative manor. My parents did a good job to at raising me they always showed me right from wrong. I have not done any destructive behavior and I've been approached by other kids trying to sell me drugs and I always turn them down. Pretty much my point is that the major fault for all of this is the Governments trying to teach parents how to educated there children when in fact the Parents should take full responsibility for there children and the government should only step in if it is really needed (If the child is being beaten by anything other than a belt or hand as well as being sexually abused). What my thought on all this should be that Media stores selling games should be strict to reinforce the ESRB rating system like its been getting this days ( every time i go to perches an M rated game i get IDed and i totally respect that) also parents should be notified what content that video game being purchased has as well as the target audience when there purchasing games for there children which is being done now as well when my mother bought games for me back when i was young. So seeing all the things being done to prevent people from buying this games so we are already on the road to a great future for video games