Zumwalt: What DMZ Defection Tells Us About North Korea

Two South Korean staff sergeants were severely injured as landmines exploded on the southern side of the demilitarized zone in Province, on Aug. 4, while they were on a patrol mission. The South Korean military's probe showed Monday the cause of the explosion was three North Korean wooden-box landmines which were intentionally buried in the South Korea-guarded area.

Dramatic video shows North Korean soldier's escape …
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On 18 February, for the first time a North Korean leaflet featured President Donald Trump and drew attention to the “traitors” comprising key political positions in South Korea. One leaflet featured Trump and seems to complement him for having President Park Guen-hye fired. South Korean politicians are attacked for being subservient to the U.S. and Japan, Some of the text is:

Outrage as graves belonging to U.S

Lying against a wall on a pile of leaves, the defector was rescued by three South Korean soldiers who crawled to him.
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On 25 February, leaflets were found that depicted impeached President Park Guen-hye topless and in bed with a man. She waves at a sinking ship in the distance. Some leaflets were written in the South Korean dialect, clearly targeting citizens of Seoul.

North Korea crisis: Events led to U.S

Third, to launch, consistently and aggressively, disguised peace offensives against South Korea, thus attempting to create a favorable atmosphere to communize the South by urging the USFK to withdraw from the peninsula, precipitating the disintegration of the South, and putting forward false peace offensives to dress up the regime's image.

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Fourth, to induce internal discord within South Korean society and the disintegration of its system, North Korea has been launching political and ideological offensives to create chaos in South Korean society, drive a wedge between the people and the government, and provoke strife between the ruling elite and the military.

Nov 21, 2017 · (CNN)Dramatic video showing a North Korean soldier fleeing across the border into South Korea while being shot at by his former comrades was released by the United Nations Command Wednesday

Fifth, to create a favorable international environment to incite revolution in the South. By continuously asserting the inevitability and righteousness of the revolutionary struggle in the South, North Korea hopes to gain support from the international community.

The South Korean military has started broadcasting news of a North Korean soldier’s recent defection through loudspeakers set up along the inter-Korean border.

Recent North Korean propaganda and instigation are intended: to intensify criticism and reproach against specific persons and the South Korean government by criticizing and fabricating false stories on the globalization, summit diplomacy and reform policies of the incumbent government; to create distrust among the South Korean populace against the government by spreading distorted and exaggerated information on the irregularities within the South Korean military and regarding living conditions of the populace, and thus estranging the public from the government. North Korea, while it unilaterally abrogated the Armistice Agreement, has continuously strengthened propaganda offensives against the South as usual.