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In May, the U.S. begins providing help to the French in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In August the Pathet Lao communist party and guerrilla group is formed. Discussions among the five nations results in Washington’s dispatch of the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) to Vietnam. Eventually over 250 U.S. pilots assist the French in their war against the Viet Minh.


military decoration awarded for gallantry in action Six: any Unit Commander, from the Company Commander on up SKS: Simonov 7.62 mm semi-automatic carbine sky crane: huge double-engine helicopter used for lifting and transporting heavyequipment slack man: the second man back on a patrol, directly behind the point slant: derogatory term for a Vietnamese slick: a UH-1 helicopter used for transporting troops in tactical air assaultoperations.

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That point was the Tet Offensive 1968.” Vietnam was America’s first television war and the nation didn’t handle it very well.

In February the National Liberation Front and the North Vietnamese launch an offensive during the annual TET season. Rocket and mortar attacks against 115 bases, towns, and cities in South Vietnam, but the heaviest fighting occurs primarily in the countryside. More Americans are killed on February 22 than on any other day in the war. The U.S. begins what comes to be known as the staggered body count. American losses are not reported per day but are spread out over a particular amount of time usually, but not always, a week. This creates a perception of an ever decreasing number of U.S. casualties.

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During the Fall the U.S. and Thai governments announce a planned withdrawal of 6,000 Americans, mostly airmen, from Thailand. Filipino noncombatants depart Vietnam during this time. Near the end of the year, Thailand announces plans to withdraw its 12,000-man contingent from South Vietnam. South Korea announces it will maintain its 50,000-man force.

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In June the New York Times begins publishing The Pentagon Papers, a top secret Pentagon history of the Vietnam War dating back to 1945, that reveals numerous lies and deceptions told to the American public.

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On May 16 the participants at the Stockholm Conference vote in support of the Vietnamese efforts to prevail against the United States government. Over 53 countries are represented; Noam Chomsky is one of the more influential Americans there. The Vietnamese specifically seek support for their ten point proposal which they were pushing at the Paris peace talks.

In late last year, sixteen American diplomats based at Havana's U.S

Three out of the four veterans I interviewed were belittled by people who referred to them as "baby-killers" or "crazy Vietnam vets." It was their experience that even family and friends did not want to talk about the war with them; those who did bring the war up often did so in an extremely negative fashion as a result of their own guilt or anger.

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boo-coo: Vietnamese slang for many or much boom-boom: Vietnamese slang for sex boonies: infantry term for the field; jungles or swampy areas bouncing Betty: antipersonnel mine with two charges: the first propels theexplosive charge upward, and the other is set to explode at about waist level 11-Bravo: Army designation for an infantry man bronco: twin-engine observation aircraft equipped with rockets and miniguns Bronze Star: U.S.