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Frank wrote: With that being said, is the new START+ agreement worthwhile for Moscow? It seems so to me. By treaty the Kremlin can limit the American nuclear arsenal to the size Russia can afford to match.

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Gentlemen, its just been announced here this morning that the new START agreement is complete. The limits are set at 700 launchers and 1550 deployed nuclear warheads. While there is a protocol agreement that mentions BMD systems and its linkage to offensive systems, there are no defined BMD limits in the treaty.

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Of course my friend, you are right. Arsenals will decline irrespectively of a treaty. However; I suspect you would agree with me that a new START agreement is useful for both Moscow and Washington. It will be good to keep military-to-military communications open and to share test results to ensure openness. Technical verifications only add to the benefits of such a treaty. Russia will face no restrictions on rebuilding its nuclear arsenal, such as missile warhead limits on mobile systems (the RS-24 for just an example) and the US faces no treaty limits on its BMD pursuits.