Impact of Urban Renewal on the Sydney Suburb of Pyrmont ..

Through my own observation of the Pyrmont area, I have seen how the painstaking urban planning efforts for the area have come to fruition, and a focal point of the Harbour foreshore created as a result of this.

Pyrmont has been affected by urban renewal in a ..
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Pyrmont has been affected by urban renewal in a positive way, equipping the area with a new lease on life and a complete transformation from the wreck of urban decay it had become.

Definitions for all the urban dynamics ..

In the 1960’s however, Pyrmont-Ultimo was deteriorating at a fast rate and became an unfortunate example of urban decay....
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The suburb of Pyrmont on the shores of Sydney Harbour has been transformed by the processes of urban renewal into a thriving cosmopolitan residential area, an efficient and sophisticated business centre, and a popular recreational and tourist hub.