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n=1 trial - polite term for experimenting on a patient
NAD - Not actually done
Nastioma – mass that looks like aggressive neoplasia
NARS - Not a rocket scientist (low IQ)
Nebulopathy- strange clinical signs with no "normal" disease apparent
Necrophiles - derogatory term for Pathologists (the love the dead)
Nectar of the Gods - coffee; without which many hospital services would shut down
Negative Wallet Biopsy - (US) patient transferred to cheaper hospital because s/he has no insurance/funds
NETMA - Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything (generally a doctor's gripe on a patient's chart)
Neuro-faecal Syndrome - s**t for brains
Neuron - Neurologist.
Neuroslavery - Derogatory term for Neurosurgery based on the extreme long hours compared to orthopaedic surgery
NFF - Normal Fae Fife (Scottish version of NFN below)
NFN - Normal for Norfolk (rural area, suggests inbreeding or quaint rural oddness), might explain FLK
NFP - Normal for Portsmouth - repeat abortion, said to be particularly rife in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK (a sailing port)
NFR - Not For Resuscitation; used on elderly patients’ charts where the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) instruction is without the knowledge of the patient themselves or their family
NGMI - Not Going to Make It
NKDA - Not known, didn’t ask
NLPR - No longer playing records (dying)
NOCTOR- Nurse tht has done a 6 week training course and acts like s/he's a Doctor
No Hopeamine - Dopamine
Not even in the ball game - confused, senile patient
NPS - New Parent Syndrome
NQR - Not Quite Right
NQRITH - Not Quite Right In the Head
NSA - Non-Standard Appearance (what a FLK grows into)

Parents' and physicians' perceptions of facial plastic surgery in children with Down's syndrome.

This longing for receiving (or in many casing taking) your early is one of the drivers of financial elder abuse. Early inheritance syndrome can get very ugly, very quickly, and it becomes outright criminal behaviour. And it’s happening right here in our own backyard, particularly in relation to buying property.

The Colourful World Of Irlen Syndrome

Some parents and doctors will ask why shouldn't a child with Down syndrome be made to look more

It does appear to be true that, after facial reconstruction, parents have been pleased with the resulting change of appearance of their child.(1,2,4,7) However, studies have not demonstrated any significant impact of the change in facial appearance on the children's social functioning.(8,9) Further, some studies have disputed the notion that the appearance of children with Down syndrome has a deleterious affect on how they are perceived.(10,11)There are no simple answers to this controversy.