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For instance,more financial aid and tax incentives may be introduced to encouragethe development of recycling industry and business, or labourerprotection programmes may be provided to improve wages and workingconditions of laborers, including solid waste management workers.

Table 3: Types and Quantities of Solid Waste Generated Per Year in Singapore, 2001
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This year, we are delighted to have , Professsor of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at HKUST and one of the Founding Members of the "Alliance for Promoting Sustainable Waste Management in Hong Kong", as our Guest of Honour. She will be sharing with us the Alliance's sustainable waste management advocacy with a focus on the comparison between moving grating technology with other emerging technologies for MSW recycling and treatment.

Such norms affect designs of solid waste management systems.

Solid waste managementis one of many sectors for which an external agency provides itsresources.
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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) can be defined using Chapter 21.3 of Agenda 21 (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, June 14, 1992 Chapter 21 "Environmentally Sound Management of Solid Wastes and Sewage-related Issues")

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Many officers in charge ofsolid waste management, particularly at the local level, havelittle or no technical background or training in engineering ormanagement.

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In some cases, foreignassistance is given to a component of a solid waste managementsystem for which the use of resources may not be most cost-effective.

8 Types of Waste in Healthcare - Becker's Hospital Review

It is increasingly difficult and expensive to dispose of waste
A hotel guest generates about 1kg (2lb) of waste per night, more than half of it in paper, plastic and cardboard. In addition to negative environmental impact, as landfill capacity diminishes, so the cost of waste disposal becomes more expensive. In the UK, for example, landfilling costs are now £48 per tonne (1.1 tons) compared to £18 a tonne in 2005.

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A detailed breakdown of the types and quantities of solid waste generated in Singapore is given below in Table 3. Note that paper and cardboard and metal wastes together constitute almost 50 percent of the total volume of solid waste. Singapore, as with most other ASEAN countries, considers construction and demolition waste as part of total municipal solid waste.

State of Waste Management in South East Asia

In Singapore, solid waste is generated by both domestic as well as non-domestic, i.e. commercial and industry, activities. In most ASEAN countries, there is generally no system to identify and classify MSW into domestic, commercial and/or industrial wastes. All types of solid waste are mixed together and not sorted at home or at other sources. So there is no differentiation during collection by public or private contractors. In some countries waste collected is taken to a common processing center for separation, treatment and disposal.