Capital punishment has been a way of punishing people for many years.

Does not Pope Francis’ position on the death penalty mean that prior popes who accepted capital punishment (e.g. Innocent I, Innocent III, Leo X, and Pius XII) were wrong?

Muhlhausen are two articles that support capital punishment as a deterrent of crime.
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Cardinal Avery Dulles was an opponent of capital punishment, yet as a matter of principle, he clearly acknowledged it as permitted under Catholic moral theology. Cardinal Dulles is well regarded as a Catholic moral theologian.

Capital punishment – Jesus dying on the cross – is Christianity.

Capital punishment is known to some people one of the cruelest punishment to humanity.
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Capital punishment should be abolished because while even though many supporters of the death penalty claim that it prevents crime, there is no evidence that it has been proven to do so....

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Tony Rackauckas was elected in 1998 as the District Attorney of Orange County, California. Previously, he served for ten years in that office as a prosecutor. If he runs for reelection in 2018, he will have to face questions about the 58 allegations of misconduct launched against his office between 1997 and 2009.” Those allegations have continued in the last several years, during which his office has been embroiled in numerous scandals. The Orange County District Attorney’s office ranked in the top five among all California counties for the total number of misconduct findings (3rd), the total number of reversals (2nd), and for the most misconduct findings per capita (5th), and it ranked first for the most reversals per capita. The scope of the misconduct has been wide-ranging.

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Debates have hovered around as long as capital punishments beginning; differing on viewpoints whether to abolish it or not and whether or not it is s just form of punishment.

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(Dieter, 1993)Therefore this legal agenda in favor of capital punishment is nothing more than White Supremacy indoctrination of hatred in the highest form constituted by legalism and discrimination....

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To my knowledge the Church has never taught this, at least not before JPII came along and inserted his personal opinion in the CCC. The Church has traditionally taught that the death penalty is also a matter of retributive justice, no matter if other methods can be used to defend human lives against the oppressor. CCC 2266 states: “….Legitimate public authority has the right and duty to inflict punishment proportionate to the gravity of the offense. Punishment has the primary aim of redressing the disorder introduced by the offense….”