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Over Labor Day weekend, a woman was at the Suds Your Duds Laundromat, 547 N 27th St. when the suspect grabbed the victim’s purse and the two of them struggled. The suspect then threw the victim down to the ground and fled. Meanwhile, down the street there was a sidewalk sale at 2711 W Michigan [...]

In company with the other two officers, he jumped over the side and swam to the nearby lifeboat.
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For two months, a period in which the crew were often called to defend themselves, or assist in the defense of the port against extensive enemy air activity, they effected temporary repairs between tides which enabled the ship to shift to drydock where she was again made seaworthy for active service.

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On one occasion, while picking up survivors from another ship, two enemy bombers attacked within a hundred feet of his ship.
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A citizen in crisis is saved by Milwaukee Police officers after they prevented her from jumping off a West Side bridge. District Three officers were dispatched around 9:10 a.m. on June 16 to the 35th Street Viaduct for a suicidal person. When the officers arrived, a woman was sitting on the bridge crying with her [...]

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He voluntarily went over the side in order to lighten the boat load, and held onto the gunwales until picked up by another life boat about one and one-half hours later.

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Under emergency orders which placed each of the surviving ships on its own, this sturdy ship, manned by stout-hearted men, plowed ahead through dense fog, heavy seas, and floating ice fully as hazardous as enemy action, to arrive at her destination two weeks ahead of the other survivors.

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This danger was further enhanced by the fact that the SS Murfreesboro, carrying a full cargo of 80 octane gasoline which immediately caught fire, still lay nearly alongside.

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All efforts to get him to another lifeboat failed, whereupon Baker voluntarily climbed down the net while the ship still had considerable headway--released the Chief Engineer--swam with him to a nearby lifeboat, and assisted him into the boat.

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In obedience to the Master's orders, Rudolph made his way to the only lifeboat intact, improvised stretchers from shattered bulkheads and after rendering first aid to the acutely wounded, embarked them in the boat, and successfully landed them in two open shelters on the jetty.