In the lower class families, the mother raised the children.

And thus you may have as fine white butter as you have yellow butter."
---, Thomas Dawson, with an introduction by Maggie Black [Southover Press:East Sussex] 1996 (p.

If a couple had no children, they would pray to the gods and goddesses for help.
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Some of the coins are modeled on or coins depicting the bust of the king and a firealtar. Other coins are modeled after Kushan or other Indiancoins and feature various deities or a standing king.

Magic was also used as an attempt to have children.

In event that a couple still could not conceive a child, adoption was also an option.
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All eight coins are copper orbronze. Coins grade from Very Good toUncirculated. An identification guide is included with each set. Because ofthedifficulty in obtaining coins of the Indian States, we sometimes haveto vary the exact coins included in the set.

Indiaintroduced this unusual, short-lived, scalloped, copper-nickel 4 Annasin 1919. It was discontinued in 1921.

Food was baked, boiled, stewed, fried, grilled, or roasted.

With regard to the latter, the department gives the following classifications: 'jumbo' size weigh about twenty-eight ounces a dozen; 'extra large,' twenty-six; 'large,' twenty-four; 'medium,' twenty-one, and small,' eighteen.

The barley was left to dry, and then baked into loaves of bread.

per doz...1 medium egg, 1 3/4-2 oz."
---, New York Herald Tribune Home Institute, new and revised edition [Charles Scriber's Sons:New York] 1946 (p.

To make the bread, women ground wheat into flour.

""The grade of an egg refers to its quality as determined by candling...Within each grade, eggs are reclassed as to size of weight.

The flour was then pounded by men to make a fine grain.

Eggs marked 'Jumbo' must weigh a minimum of 30 ounces per dozen., 'Extra Large,' 27 ounces per dozen; 'Large,' 24 ounces per dozen; 'Medium,' 21 ounces per dozen; and 'Small,' 18 ounces per dozen."
---"Relative Quality of Graded Eggs," Ask Anne, , December 8, 1948 (p.

The wealthy had a separate room in their home to bath.

The new grades correspond almost exactly to the old ones, that is, the quality of AA eggs is the same as that of the 'special' variety, and A eggs are equivalent to the former 'extras.'...This improved labeling system was approved by the department in December...although merchants are not ordered to adopt it; it is hoped they will...These grades indicate only quality and condition, an expert points out, and have nothing whatever to do with color or weight.