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hello Darren,
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 The Man: What do you use for food, tree to make you grow and grow?

Friedlaendeer PLANTING A TREE
What does he plant who plants a tree?
A scion full of potency,
He plants his faith, a prophecy
Of bloom, and fruitfulness to be;
He plans a shade where robins sing,
Where orioles their nestlings swing;
A burning bush - a miracle!
Who plants a tree, - he doeth well!

Here are a few tree pruning techniques to keep in mind:

The Tree: I've geared my days with the Creator's ways since ever the world began.

Dear Mr. Tahir, AoA, The Moringa Trees are available in Punjab and Sindh. It starts from Sargodha district of Punjab to Sukker district of Sindh. You can find any friend who is from rural areas of Punjab or Sindh. They can easily help you approach the tree of Moringa.

Trees T1 - T5 on the attached Site Plan were Sycamores.

An evening vigil followed, lasting many months to be sure none of the flying mammals were quartered nearby, and especially not in, or on, the subject trees.

From 20 trees in 1983, we are now down to 6 trees.

With this garage down the tree will do rather better than previously, which, no doubt will please Wealden District Council and the neighbours who asked for the tree to be protected way back in 1983.

Please note the close proximity of trees T1 - T5 to the building.

The tree had caused damage to a garage belonging to , which she took down in late 2011, presumably because the foundations had become unstable and the wooden garage was not in any case in a sensible location.

This page is a Tree of Life Branch Page.

Neither the branch bark ridge nor collar should be cut.

Undifferentiated tissue initiated as a result of wounding and which become specialised tissues of the repair over time.

A void within the solid structure of the tree, normally associated with decay or deterioration of the woody tissues.

This is what is known as turning the tables.

It is a pity that the seriousness of these issues had not been brought to our attention earlier.

Please also find attached other supporting documentation, numbering printouts from 5 websites centering on root and invasive damage, etc, that we cite evidentially:

1. DEC New York State
2. Ecotreecare
3. OMC Associates
4. Demand Media – tree roots & structural damage
5. European Geosciences Union – building damage from tree roots

We will be grateful if you will acknowledge safe receipt on this application and please let us have optional times and dates when your representative would like to conduct a/the site visit.

Yours sincerely,

Solar Cola Limited (Director) as Trustee
for Lime Park Heritage Trust

This tree has significant amenity value.

So to, the services of a structural engineer and quotes from builders will only be necessary should your Council decide to pay for works to protect the building from future damage, rather than agree removal of the tree/trees, which expense is of course recoverable from yourselves in that event.