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Had the case not been settled, there would have been two more years of media coverage, analysis, timelines and comparisons to Baylor’s renegade program. Tennessee’s Title IX trial was not scheduled to take place until May of 2018.

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No. Because of concern over potential conflict with First Amendment rights, Title IX does not address the use of specific texts or curriculum materials. Title IX does, however, suggest that institutions monitor content to ensure that the curriculum promotes understanding of the perspectives of both sexes and their roles in history. Bias and stereotyping in instructional practice, content, and materials should be avoided.
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But UT can make the right kind of Title IX statement in one fell (Nike) swoop on the front of orange and baby blue uniforms.
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No, Title IX is designed to create parity in athletic opportunity and quality of experience for men and women. It is a school's choice to cut men's programs in an effort to comply with the law or to meet budget constraints. However, Title IX is not intended to be a zero-sum game. Title IX is intended to ensure equality for both males and females.

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Title IX requires that schools, which receive federal funding, provide equal opportunities for members of both sexes. It addresses the availability, quality and kind of benefits, and the opportunities and treatment that athletes receive. There are three basic aspects of Title IX as applied to athletics:

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Yes! Schools can lose federal funds for violating the law. Although most institutions are not in compliance with Title IX, no institution has actually lost any federal money. Schools have, however, had to pay substantial damages and attorney fees in cases brought to court.

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Drape is right, at least as regards the cutting of men's programs. According to the General Accounting Office, America's colleges have eliminated at least 80 tennis teams, 70 gymnastics teams, and 170 wrestling programs, all for lack of funds, while funds are poured into creating teams for women (such as women's bowling and women's equestrian teams) that there is no real call or demand for simply to be in compliance with the law. In other words, Title IX is now being unfair to men.

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Yes, sexual harassment is a form of prohibited sex discrimination, and both students and teachers may recover monetary damages. Title IX prohibits sexual harassment in all school programs and activities in school facilities or in other locations when the school is the sponsor of the activity.