That Tritium is something to bevery concerned about.

The Parties represent not to offer, promise, authorize, request or accept any unnecessary advantage, of the pecuniary kind or any other kind related to the object of this Agreement, as well as take reasonable measures to prevent that its subcontractors, agents or any other third-parties subject to its control, perform any of the illegal acts mentioned in this clause and/or provided for the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law, to require the compliance with the provisions contained in this Clause.

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Having passed the test, a certification label was immediately put on each box and the fishery products were taken away by trucks for delivery.


The radiation testing techniques described in this article, to test for radioactive contamination in the freshly caught fish, raises questions about how serious the Japanese are about keeping contaminated Japanese fish off the market!

This physics report is proof of work students done in lab

Thismeans any ingestion of radioactive isotopes increases risk to ones well being.

Accurate determination of silver concentration requires the use of either an atomic absorption/emission spectrometer or a mass spectrometer. Most laboratories use either atomic absorption or atomic emission spectrometers because they are less expensive than a mass spectrometer (ICP/MS). The measured values reported on this web site were made using an atomic emission spectrometer, specifically an Inductively Coupled Plasma/Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP/AES). See for technical details about how the laboratory analysis is performed by CSL.

Explanation of commonly ordered clinical lab tests ..

In all, 456 explosions were set off here, 340 of them underground after a ban on surface testing in 1963.

The effects of previous blasts proved to be farther-reaching than military scientists had estimated: To this day, thousands of people living in the nearby city of Semey still struggle with staggering rates of mortality, cancer, and suicide.


Storms wash sand onto the dome; vines grow in the cracks.

As things now stand, the Runit dome is likely to be submerged by rising seas or torn apart by storms, releasing its radioactive poison into the ocean and compounding the legacy our advanced civilization has left to this tiny island nation.

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In my opinion it is criminal to allow anyone, particularly children or pregnant mothers, to consume tea at this level of contamination!

If Cesium is present, it is very likely other isotopes are also!

Full Report June 2013:

Current advice to importers;

Here is an excellent article on the effects of Cesium food contamination, based on lots of research.

Full Report June 2013:

Current advice to importers;

08.05.2013 - Ministry of Health, 2013, Environmental Radioactivity in New Zealand, and Rarotonga: Annual Report 2011.

25.11.2012 - Infant Powered Milk from New Zealand in South Korea

29.08.2012 - Yogurt New Zealand

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Over the years, some cleanup was completed by the US government.[9]

Article 1:

27th November 2017 - A poison in our island


Buried beneath this vast disc is 85,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste - a toxic legacy from the dawning of the thermonuclear age.

In the late 1970s, Runit Island, on the remote Enewetak Atoll, was the scene of the largest nuclear clean-up in United States history.

Highly contaminated debris left over from dozens of atomic weapons tests was dumped into a 100-metre wide bomb crater on the tip of the uninhabited island.

“The United States Government has acknowledged that a major typhoon could break it apart and cause all of the radiation in it to disperse.”


Article 2:

Friday, April 16, 2010 - Jellyfish Babies: Birth Defects of Nuclear Radiation


Lijon Eknilang of the Marshall Islands explains her experience with the effect of nuclear radiation.