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Third and fourth place spots were filled by Josh Leisinger driving his Summit Racing Corvette and Brian Hobaugh behind the wheel of his Spectre Performance Corvette. The two Corvette drivers worked their way up the ladder by running clean laps and getting faster with each run, whereas their competitors were knocking over cones and picking up penalties. Their consistent lap times also helped them get by veteran racers, Robby Unser and Al Unser Jr. But Hobaugh made a fatal mistake in the final heat: kicking a cone out of its box right after leaving the starting line, which opened the door to Leisinger’s third place with a 64.308.

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Outside, Kevin and Rook continue to fight off Charmcaster's monsters. Kevin, spotting his car in the distance, asks Rook and Kickin Hawk to cover him while he runs for it. Successfully reaching his car, Kevin fires its weapons at Charmcaster, but she proves impervious. In her dragon voice, Charmcaster declares that the boys are no match for her; she's already defeated the universe's most powerful magic users, and none of them use magic. Kickin Hawk disagrees, showing that he's got the Bezel totem in hand. Charmcaster notes that it won't help him, but Kickin Hawk makes the totem disappear in his hand, surprising Charmcaster. Unbeknownst to her Skurd has moved the totem behind Kickin Hawk's arm, hiding it from view. Thinking that Ben has performed magic, Charmcaster demands an answer; Kickin Hawk smugly tells her to check her bag. As Charmcaster reaches her claw into the bag, she touches the magic circle Gwen drew earlier, which activates via her own magic powers. Charmcaster is sucked into her bag, screaming.

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One night at , Lucky Girl faces off against , who turns out to be another costumed villain: the star quarterback of a rival university who attempted to steal the school mascot. Before she can apprehend him, Lucky Girl is swarmed by admirers, letting the villain escape. and watch from afar, until Lucky Girl manages to escape the scene. They confront at her library, who has shed her disguise and acts as though nothing has happened. The professors leave, while Gwen heaves a sigh of relief, having kept her secret identity. She enters the library basement, where and have taken up residence. Kevin is still unhappy for the loss of his , and begs Gwen to make another search through the . Gwen relents, releasing a magic radar that finds something. Gwen and Kevin teleport into Kevin's car, which has been stranded in . Kevin is elated to be reunited with his car, but before they can leave Kevin and his car are teleported away, leaving Gwen behind with Charmcaster. Gwen attempts to go into her form, but Charmcaster seals her in a magic circle, transforming Gwen into a totem.

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Back at the university, Kevin has called and for help, adamant that Charmcaster is responsible. Kevin is briefly introduced to , and notes that a janitor raking leaves nearby is rousing his suspicions. Meanwhile, Gwen has landed in Charmcaster's bag, filled with Charmcaster's inactive rock monsters and populated by , and . The three magic users are on unfriendly terms with each other and reveal that despite multiple attempts, they have not found a way to leave Charmcaster's grip. Infuriated by her enemies' continuous bickering, Gwen tries to think of a solution.

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Outside, Rook has yet to find a way past the barrier. Ben and Kevin note that Charmcaster still has Gwen and the Charms of Bezel, at which the janitor expresses his surprise. Kevin, annoyed, wonders what stake the janitor has in all this, and the janitor reveals that he's none other than Bezel, the "greatest manipulator of all magic", causing everyone's jaws to drop in disbelief. Rook remarks on the peculiarity of a legendary magician assuming the role of a college janitor, but Bezel reveals his true form all the same. Meanwhile, Charmcaster finds what Hex had been concealing in the library: a circle of magic runes concealed under the grandfather clock in the center of the library.

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After a few more demonstrations of prestidigitation, Bezel finally leads the team into the library via a magic portal. Bezel explains that he gave up on "real magic" long ago, disliking its lack of rules, mystery and excitement. At the same time, Gwen uses a tube of Charmcaster's lipstick to draw a magic rune on the floor of her bag, just as Charmcaster reaches in and grabs the four totems. Laying the totems on the circle, Charmcaster utters an incantation that summons Bezel, physically pulling him into Charmcaster's view. While the others hide, Charmcaster turns Bezel into a totem. With Bezel's magic power now added to her own, Charmcaster declares that she's become the most powerful sorceress ever.