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“Primarily a transcript of a 2008 panel discussion on the events leading up to Woodstock; a 50-page black-and-white photo essay at the end of the book refreshingly cuts back to the folk roots and the Arts and Crafts heritage of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.” —

Max Yasgur at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 held on part of his dairy farm in Bethel, New York

Arnold Skolnick’s classic poster for the Woodstock Festival has been reprinted and bootlegged many times, but this is an absolutely original first printing with impeccable provenance, coming from the archive of the original promoter of Woodstock. We obtained this directly Michael Lang, who signed this poster at our request, and wrote in his accompanying letter of authenticity “I was the promoter of the 1969 Woodstock Festival and have had this poster in my possession since taking it home 2 days after the festival ended.”

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A light show by Joshua White () . John Morris helped organize and the following year was a big part of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.

Included are the transcript of a 2008 panel discussion between Michael Lang and other individuals knowledgeable about 1960s Woodstock; a “roots of Woodstock” photo essay that highlights such Woodstock writers and performers at Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Allen Ginsberg, Pete Seeger and Richie Havens; a chronicle of the Arts and Crafts origins of the town from the 1800s; and an exploration of the town’s hallowed tradition of weekend-long music concerts. Roots also features a compendium of important Woodstock players, a map of historic sixties locations in the Woodstock area, and 115 images—many of them rare, vintage photos of the Woodstock music and art scenes.

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The reported, “Waves of weary youngsters streamed away from the Woodstock Music and Art Fair last night and early today as security officials reported at least two deaths and 4,000 people treated for injuries, illness and adverse drug reactions over the festival’s three-day period.” It also noted there were two births and two deaths.

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Weston and Julia Blelock have had a presence in the Woodstock area since 1956. During the sixties Weston as at school in the UK, but summered in Woodstock. He attended several Sound-Outs and the ’69 Festival in Bethel. During the 1990s he was a radio journalist in Canada. More recently he co-founded WoodstockArts, a publishing and production company. He was formerly Vice President of the Historical Society of Woodstock.

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Julia Blelock also grew up in Woodstock. She left town to pursue a marketing career in information technology, based in New York City and Los Angeles. She recently returned to Woodstock and has become an ardent promoter of area artists and the environment through her work for the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Arts and the Woodstock Environmental Commission. She is a co-founder of WoodstockArts.