No sun necessary, the Creator is the provider of light.

I learned about the incredible complexity of the body, how organs and systems are all interdependent, how precisely the body’s chemical balance must be to sustain life, how fragile yet incredibly resilient we are, and most of all, how there is nothing else in this world like the human mind, spirit and soul!

This is true, not just of evolution,but of any view that weakens the doctrine of creation.
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Most people stand the chance of developing their consciousness to a heightened level where the experience of divine intuition and visions sourced from the Creation will guide them, especially if their goals, intentions and outlook are constructive.

This river flows from The Creation in the Garden of The Creator.

Before examining what the doctrine of creation proves aboutGod, consider what it proves about man.
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The interesting thing here is the Cosmic Tree is interpreted partly as a conscious human-like Deity like the early Egyptian, Indian and European civilizations. Here the deity is offering flowing water from both arms as per the waters flowing down from the mountain in Eden. There are two Aztecs on either side in typical Tree of Life teachings to all ancient civilisations. They are ‘pulling’ on the cosmic serpents/portions of the Tree of Life as if to depict either human desire to interact with the Cosmic Tree or to depict the battle of good and evil struggling for control/protection of it.

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It has an underworld; there is what is referred to as The Cosmic Tree of Life at the top of a mountain, emanating from the Tree of Life are more branches perhaps resembling the rap-around a plasma ribbon effect down the inside of the biosphere.

Communicating the Wonders of God's Creation

The most imposing historical account of The Tree of Life can be found in Norse Mythology. The age-old Ydrryksil of Norway with its spectacular imagery, although simplified and romanticized, depicts what closely resembles the biosphere as I remember.

for communicating the wonders of God's creation.

Romans 11:36 - For of Him and through Him and to Him areallthings, to whom beglory forever. Why does glory belong toGod? Because all things are of Him and through Him - i.e., He isthe Creator. That of itself is reason enough that we should giveHim glory forever!

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Understanding the doctrine of creation is fundamental even tounderstanding the very purpose for our existence. Who can saythat is not of first importance to Christians?

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Compared to the Nordic rendition, the latter offers a far more accurate interpretation by acknowledging the many rings around the Cosmic Tree that bind it to The Creation.