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How soon after a traumatic event would you start to treat trauma? There was a national disaster in my home town a month ago – a devastating fire wiped out many homes and holiday areas. Every single person in the town of 70000people was affected in some way. How does one help? (I am a Psychologist).

Only remembering how they lived rather than acknowledging their existence when they were alive....

Perhaps a shut down body leads to dead areas in the body and cancer. Maybe Capitalism is perpetuating the traumatized walking wounded that is leading to the rise in cancer, that and eating foods that may taste nice but are harmful to our bodies and the fact we are desensitized means that we dont know that.

Often, they carried each other, the wounded or weak.

Men killed, and died, because they were embarrassed not to.

DR. VAN DER KOLK: It’s very, very basic but sorely lacking in our diagnostic system is simple things like eating and peeing and pooping because they’re the foundation of everything, and breathing. These are foundational things, all of which go wrong when you get traumatized. The most elementary body functions go awry when you are terrified.

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Trauma bonding does happen. To extricate oneself from an abusive person, you need to separate yourself from the person, rebuild some healthier boundaries, and not allow the person to tread on your new boundaries. Speaking out about the behaviour or attitudes to the person who is hurting you is key to healthy self-care.

The Things They Carried, and the Art of Healing – The …

I think knowledge is power. Knowing why I feel the way I do helps me control the triggers or use some of the tools I have to help with triggers. Some tools I have are yoga, meditation and the most prominent one is art therapy. I forgot I also exercise. Was good info.

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I’ve had whip lash from car accidents & it never goes away. You might want to research accidents in your Court Law Library with the help of a clerk who can find the right books for you. Also, many injuries can lead to arthritis that lasts forever, so research your injuries, see how much they are worth if you are covered by insurance, and find a good lawyer who knows how to fight for you.

Several of the stories in The Things They Carried are told from O ..

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