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In this article, we shall complete our indepth study of the accurate Masonic symbolism contained with "National Treasure", We shall examine the following subjects of interest. Once you understand this information, you will realize that the script writers of this movie truly knew their Masonic symbolism.

Now, let us examine another phallic symbol prominently seen in this movie: the obelisk.

Isn't this exactly what "National Treasure" does? It not only familiarizes adults with the Masonic Occult Mysteries, but children as well; since the movie is rated "PG", a lot of kids are seeing this movie. The time has come to "familiarize the public" with Masonic and occult symbols, for the hour when Antichrist is going to come is getting very close.

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If this is the symbolism desired, the movie depicts the American Founding Fathers as not only Freemasons, but as .

Since the sense provided makes no sense, I began searching for "another sense". None was forthcoming immediately, so I settled in to carefully watch the rest of the movie; however, when I began to assemble all the occult symbols illustrated in this movie, my mind came back to the Arctic Circle. Could the significance be the Arctic Circle rather than the snowy conditions and the details of the activity on the "Charlotte"? Could the significance be the "Circle" and not the fact that it was located in the "Arctic"?

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Reason #1. The spectacles which Ben discovered after solving the riddle of the shadow cast by the Independence Hall at precisely 2:22pm contained four colored lenses: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. As Ben and Ian looked successively through each color, they saw a different portion of the hidden symbol. Were these three colors picked by the scriptwriter randomly, or do they mean something in the world of the occult?