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He had been traced through a gasoline purchase he made in upper Manhattan in which he used a that had been part of the Lindbergh ransom cache. Hauptmann was from the Bronx and tried for murder in Flemington NJ in 1935 upon what almost every researcher has admitted was . His explanation - labeled the "" by prosecutors - has never, to this day, been proven to be false.

Because there is no real truth in the trial, the verdict was unfair and illogical.
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This unfair reasoning can occur in the courtroom when people are put on trial and the judge and the jury must delve into the life of the accused and determine if he is a hazard to society.

Criminal trial, unfair ruling!!?

Kafka implemented the character of the priest in the novel to show the reader how K was convicted unfairly and how unjust society is.
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No one could ever saythat Hauptmann's was fair. Even those who believehe was guilty agree it was an unfair trial. available at the time of the trial, was .