Women in the Arab World: A Case of Religion or Culture?

Introduction to Arab media designed to advance students' proficiency in Arabic. It will present cultural characteristics of Arab media and describe how those characteristics differ from those of US media. The course will increase students’ vocabulary knowledge and enable them to understand various Arab media sources. Repeatable once with different content.

Women in the United Arab Emirates have achieved some measures of legal protection in recent years
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For this year's 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, UN Women's Regional Office for Arab States launched a campaign to challenge the social acceptance of violence against women and girls under the title of "Silence Is Not Acceptance." Several Arab celebrities joined the campaign and created videos to advocate its cause including Tunisian singer Ghalia Benali, Syrian actress Kinda Alloush, Egyptian scriptwriter Mariam Naoum and Egyptian musician Khaled Dagher.

The 22 Arab States Where It's Hardest To Be A Woman

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