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Pathetic in a way. I’m not German and I object all war crimes, but you Ruskies killed about 20-30 million of your own innocent people during those decades, more than anyone else – and were led by a biggest lunatic in the world history.. after him follows Adolf, Mao, Pol Pot and others.

And still I want to tell that in the Russia you never will hear, such insults to Germans.
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God bless the Russian people and other members of the former Soviet Union. During WWII they showed bravery and toughness while enduring great hardship. Truly a great people.

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In Relation To The Mass Rapes That Occurred As The Soviets Advanced Into Germany,
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The problem for both German and Russian soldiers is that so much of the time they fought under the watchful eyes of political officers. The slightest infraction could lead to summary execution.

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I spent a year in the Soviet Union as an exchange student, from 1986-1987, and I enjoyed myself very much. I was glad to get back to America, because I missed my home, but I came to enjoy my time spent with the Russian people.

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[...] gallery of colorized photos from World War II, taken by Soviet soldiers. Even if the colors were added after the fact, it still adds a dimension [...]

Commanding 160,000 troops, Mikhail N

Editors would never allow showing the real brutality of war in those times. They only wanted to show success. The enemy in ruins. Cities being freed. People having plenty. It was like that whether you were American or Soviet.

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Look it up, douchebag. About 3.5 million out of 5.7 million Soviet prisoners of war died in German capitvity, largely to do starvation and disease. German treatment of Soviet POWs differed dramatically from German policy towards POWs from Britain and the United States, countries the Nazis regarded as racial equals to the Germans. Of the 231,000 British and American prisoners held by the Germans during the war only about 8,300 — 3.6 percent — died in German custody.

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who are you to call russians anything. You don’t anything about our culture, history or war tactics. Russians achieved many goals and look at russians today. rich, have nice cars, houses and own a lot of property. so think again before you open your big mouth. Germany is the reason for world war 2. germany attaked russia [you should know history] and I hope you know that germans are the reason why most of the jews in this world suffered because of the god damn germans. im not scared at all to say that im 13 years old. what are you going to do about it!!!???