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pretentious, snobby, sophistication auras are emitted from this name.
this name connects to the american dream because it represents someone wealthy, which is apart of the dream for most.
Fitzgerald used symbolic names for settings as well as characters such as East and West egg representing the more civilized east coast and the more wild west coast of America.
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This war, in which all non-Christian inhabitants of Jerusalem were wiped out, their property looted, and their houses occupied, is considered one of the most significant events to have shaped the Muslim outlook towards the Christian/Western world as a whole.

A variant of the name was Bait or simply (the Holy City).

But despite its religious significance, Jerusalem was never the capital of Islam.

Sheikh Abd-al-Aziz Bin Baz, the most promi¬nent religious scholar and authority in Saudi Arabia, argues that "the Palestinian problem is an Islamic problem first and last" and that the Muslims "must fight an Islamic jihad against the Jews until the land returns to its owners."13
Because of its significance to Muslims and Islamists alike, Jerusalem assumes political significance to rulers and governments that wish to enhance their religious legitimacy.

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Wiracocha, the Creator
Apu-kon-tiki Wiracocha was his full name, he was and androgynous deity, creating by himself (Hermaphrodite), he was and still are one of the most important deities for the Andean people. His cult covered every place of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire, he is associated to the creation of the universe, and is related to the sea, since according to the ancient mythology, he returned to the ocean once he create the universe, and promise to comeback. His appearance was described as a white man, average stature, with a white tunic and a book on his hand. From all that descriptions, many natives of the Tahuantinsuyo believe that the Spanish conquers were Wiracocha, their god and their savior.

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One of the Holy Books of India, is the Ramayana, which tells us the story of Lord Rama. In this Holy narrative, during the final battle between Lord Rama and the evil forces (commanded by Ravana), Laxmana, the younger brother of the Lord, was fatally wounded. Lord Hanuman (the deity with the form of a monkey) was charged with the responsibility of bringing by day-break the herb called MrutSanjeevi, which, as the name signifies, brings back the dead. This herb was to be found on a hill near Mount Kailash deep in the Himalayas.

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Genuine commitments to Jerusalem aside, there is no doubt that the various Palestinian political groups also invoke the name of the city for political reasons.

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anathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances (also known as the SS-Sanjeevinis or Sai Sanjeevinis or Sanjeevinis) is a prayer based system of Spiritual Healing. Before trying to explain what the system is and how it works it would be appropriate to explain what the name of the system - Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances - means, and what it is meant to signify.