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I am so so so relived to read this post … I was walking up the stairs with my 17 month old when we finally reached the top i held his hand and our cat came flying out the bedroom and wiped him clean out of my hand they both went tumbling down together. Luckily no broken bones no bleeding screamed instantly and stood up himself after … my only concern is now since the fall 3 days ago hes not eaten anything (drinking fine though) been sick once and constantly crying … could this be from the fall or could this just be a bug that happens to of been caught right after the fall. He has been going to bed at 4pm each day and sleeping til 10am next morning, surely this is too much … im getting really worried …

He lay on the sidewalk, bleeding, and he thoughtonly: That was a fierce rumble.

I feel like total crap because my little almost 2 year old son just fell down 8 carpeted stairs on my watch 🙁 I only saw the end of the fall, which seemed pretty harmless (i.e., sideways rolling), but still…

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He used to have pride, or hubris, with having the title of Royal, but as he lay on the sidewalk, he wasn’t so proud.

There, authorities found a victim, later identified as 17-year-old Chris Arnold of Little Rock, lying on the sidewalk near the loading docks of a Kroger store.

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thanx, this article helped me also. My 23 month old daughter just fell down about 10 steps and i feel so bad because i was right in front of her and saw the whole thing but it happened so fast that i could catch her. Her mouth was bleeding alittle and she cried for awhile but seems fine now.

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This post really helped. my daughter just fell down and thnaks God for my Husband who did not over react, i was in the back of the kitchen asking him what happened, i did see blood from the mouth but minor, she stopped bleeding right away, but she cried for like 10 minutes, now she is playing with my husband like nothing ever happened…thanks for this post

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my 2 year old son just fell down the stairs, i picked him up as he was trying to get up crying and his nose was bleeding, it was bleeding for about five mins and he has a white bump to the front of his head..but ten mins later he was running about just fine, i have put him to bed now, but will check on him and what made me look at this website was his pupils were large and i was just wondering what that meant..but i feel bit relaxed after reading this article and really it is down to commen sense..Adults do tend to have more seriouse injurys from falling down stairs than children..so thank you for putting all our minds at ease…great page…from a more relaxed mother..xxx

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Feeling a tad bit better about this. My 2yr old son just fell down the stairs. He cut the back of his head and it is bleeding. He seems to be fine other than the cut. I am watching and hoping the bleeding stops. I am just devasted. My baby! It is just horrible. I did react way too bad. He has been fine on stairs for a while now and has never had a problem. He is 21/2. All of a sudden, this has happen 2 times in one week!!!!! I guess it is time to put the gates back on the stairs! Just feel horrible and sad!!!!!!!!!!!