Today we bring you 30 beautiful examples of sepia photography

- Set of two photo albums for a Luftwaffe photo reconnaissance unit. The first is a period album consisting of 119 photos detailing the unit's history including the swearing-in ceremony with the unit's standarte. Following the swearing-in ceremony there are a number of photos depicting training, barracks life with group shots along with a number of photos that show the unit having been deployed to France. There is a photo of the unit's distinctive emblem of the devil looking downward with a long telescope. This unit emblem ties into the second album which is a softcover bound, reproduced photo compilation put together as a remembrance album of the unit and their Kammerades who had fallen in France . The inside cover has the original owner's name, Gefreiter Wanner along with a dedication for Christmas and the unit - Bildgruppe der Aufkl. Staffel 1(h) /13. The album consists of 150 photo reproduced photos showing the various locations the unit went to during the fall of France. Included in the photo montage are action shots presumably taken by the units photographers and unit personnel killed in action. Rare. $550.

Sepia is such a classic photo effect. More photographers/artists should utilize it.

This paddle turned up in a charity shop. My informant writes: "It would appear the big number represents the total number of swats -- for a year? a semester? -- administered altogether. The paddle itself is serially numbered. It seems the pupil counts from the last signature the number of swats administered to him and signs by the appropriate number. In this way, the last name on the list also indicated the total number of swats administered by all paddles in the series." So in a way the paddle incorporates its own punishment book. It has been photographed against a boot to give an idea of its size.

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It is completely customized with your photograph (in this lovely sepia tone) as well as all of your wedding particulars.

Cover of a recent Indonesian book for parents on how to punish their kids. The scene illustrated looks peculiarly draconian and formalised for parental CP, and indeed I'm told the text does not support the hard line implied by the cover but is actually rather "modern Western-style" in tone, with spanking somewhat frowned upon.

Original vintage black and white sepia tone photograph with margins

The albumen images are usually well aged. This includes the common sepia or yellowish tone, often along with fading of the image details in areas and foxing (brown or reddish age spots). Particularly due to different storage, the severity and type of aging will vary. For collectors, albumen photos are best stored away from light, excessive heat and humidity. An example of excessive heat is storing them next to a radiator. When originally made, albumen images were not sepia but closer to a grey. You will sometimes find examples that were well stored and retain these colors. Albumen images are usually glossy.

Fishing : an Edwardian Sepia photograph of a fishing

Albumen photographs were made in a wide range of sizes and styles, often related to the era that they were made. The mount can range from 1x1 inches to over 20 x 20 inches. The typical sizes are the carte de visite or CDV (a bit bigger than a driver's license) and the cabinet card (a larger version of a the CDV). It was expensive and difficult to make large albumen photos. The largest sizes, say around 15x15" and larger, were usually made for special occasions. A mammoth baseball team photo may have been displayed in the club house, town hall or been given to a player or manager.

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Fuzzy mobile phone picture taking during the delivery of CP to three 15-year-olds for smoking at Hillgrove Secondary School in July 2008, which took place in front of the whole student body, and a computer-generated artist's impression of it which makes more clear what is to be seen in the photo. For other pictures from the same caning session, see the left-hand side of .