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FREE The Rehumanization of Odysseus Essay

Stefan Meyer

Dissertation: The Contemporary Arabic Novel In The Levant: A Case Study in the Development of Literary Modernism
Committee: *Abena Busia, M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Roger Allen (University of Pennsylvania)

Yichin Shen

Dissertation: Images of Maleness In Fiction by Male Chinese American Writers
Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Peter Li, M. Josephine Diamond, Amy Ling (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Andre Stipanovic

Dissertation: The Cause of War In Ezra Pound’s Poetry
Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, M. Josephine Diamond, Andrew Welsh, George Kearns (English)

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Jan Feidel

Dissertation: The Poetry of Keats and Baudelaire
Committee: *John O. McCormick, Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Donald Gibson (English)

Judith Roumani

Dissertation: The Role of Organic Nationalism in Some Recent Novels of Spanish America and French-Speaking North Africa: A Comparative Study
Committee: *John O. McCormick, Nathaniel Tarn, Serge Sobolevitch, Michael Adas

Bohdan Rubchak

Dissertation: Man is a Metaphor: Poetic Knowledge as Grounded in Perception, Imagination and Language
Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, John Fizer

James Ruddy

Dissertation: In Defense of The Classical Notion of Action: A Study of Parts and Wholes and Their Interrelation
Committee: *John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Nathaniel Tarn, Robert Anderson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

The Rehumanization of Odysseus.

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Eva Barczay-Miller

Dissertation: La Princesse de Cleves and The Tragic Dimension of Classicism
Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Nathaniel Tarn, Milton Seiden

Mark Bernheim

Dissertation: The Monastery and The Fortress: Broch's Die Schlafwandler and The Rehumanization of Modern Art
Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, Lothar Zeidler

Alan Cheuse

Dissertation: Memories of The Future: A Critical Biography of Alejo Carpentier
Committee: *John O. McCormick, Elton Anglada, Nathaniel Tarn, L. Santamarina

author of The Language of Emotions and The Art of Empathy

Michael Hart

Dissertation: The Spirit of Reconciliation: James Joyce, Catholicism, and the European Romantic Tradition
Committee: *Steven Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Derek Attridge, Mary Shaw (French)

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Marilyn Rye

Dissertation: The Fictional Autobiography: First Person Narratives As Narratives of Power in The Blithedale Romance, Le Grand Meaulnes, and Great Expectations
Committee: *Jean Parrish, Steven Walker, James J. Wilhelm, Uri Eisenzweig (French)

On the other hand, he scorns Odysseus

Joseph Consoli

Dissertation: Giovanni Boccaccio: An Annotated Bibliography
Committee: *James J. Wilhelm

Nancy Shawcross

Dissertation: The Intertexts of La Chambre Claire: Barthes, The Photograph, and The Interstice of Time
Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, William Galperin, Uri Eisenzweig, Gerald Prince (University of Pennsylvania)

Rujie Wang

Dissertation: The Transparency of Chinese Realism: A Study of Texts by Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Mao Dun, and Lao She
Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Bruce Robbins, Peter Li, Theodore D. Huters (University of California, Irvine)

Wenjia You

Dissertation: Toward A Methodology of Freudian Influence: A Consideration of Paradigmatic Asian and Western Texts
Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Steven Walker, Peter Li, Andrew Gordon (University of Florida)

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Dong-Sheng Yang

Dissertation: A Study of the Poetry of Su Dongpo, with Comparisons to the Poetry of Wordsworth
Committee: *John O. McCormick, Ching-I Tu, Janet A. Walker, Hans Frankel (Yale University)