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When selecting a Web forum, newsgroup or mailing list, don'ttrust the name by itself too far; look for a FAQ or charter to verifyyour question is on-topic. Read some of the back traffic beforeposting so you'll get a feel for how things are done there. In fact,it's a very good idea to do a keyword search for words relating toyour problem on the newsgroup or mailing list archives before youpost. It may find you an answer, and if not it will help youformulate a better question.

Here are some classic stupid questions, and what hackers are thinkingwhen they don't answer them.

Take your time. Do not expect to be able to solve a complicatedproblem with a few seconds of Googling. Read and understand the FAQs,sit back, relax and give the problem some thought before approachingexperts. Trust us, they will be able to tell from your questions howmuch reading and thinking you did, and will be more willing to helpif you come prepared. Don't instantly fire your whole arsenal ofquestions just because your first search turned up no answers (or toomany).

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If you still didn't find anything, post your question on the site where it's most on-topic. Use theformatting tools, especially for code, and add tags that are relatedto the substance of your question (particularly the name of theprogramming language, operating system, or library you're havingtrouble with). If a commenter asks you for more information, edit yourmain post to include it. If any answer is helpful, click the up arrowto upvote it; if an answer gives a solution to your problem, click thecheck under the voting arrows to accept it as correct.

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We've found by experience that people who are careless andsloppy writers are usually also careless and sloppy at thinking andcoding (often enough to bet on, anyway). Answering questions forcareless and sloppy thinkers is not rewarding; we'd rather spend ourtime elsewhere.

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If you are asking questions in a forum that does not use yournative language, you will get a limited amount of slack for spellingand grammar errors — but no extra slack at all for laziness (andyes, we can usually spot that difference). Also, unless you know whatyour respondent's languages are, write in English. Busy hackers tendto simply flush questions in languages they don't understand, andEnglish is the working language of the Internet. By writing inEnglish you minimize your chances that your question will be discardedunread.

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More generally, imagine looking at the index of an archive ofquestions, with just the subject lines showing. Make your subjectline reflect your question well enough that the next person searching thearchive with a question similar to yours will be able to follow thethread to an answer rather than posting the question again.

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Most mailing lists are archived and the archives areindexed by search engines. If you ask your question on-list and it isanswered, a future querent could find your question and the answer onthe Web instead of asking it again.

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This is a very risky thing to do, however, because the hackers'metric for what is exciting probably differs from yours. Posting fromthe International Space Station would qualify, for example, butposting on behalf of a feel-good charitable or political cause wouldalmost certainly not. In fact, posting will reliably get you shunned or flamedeven by hackers who think fuzzy baby seals are important.