Animal Rights Activists Take Protests to Scientists' …

If the government needs to introduce new laws specifically to deal with animal rights protestors then are they saying that all of those criminal activities are currently legal if it just happens to be in the name of animal rights ?
I'm a scientist who doesn't work with animals (for sound scientific reasons), yet have still received death threats from these people (presumably because they think all science is evil and all scientist are bunny-killers).

19/02/2018 · At least 1,000 animal rights activists hit targets across ..

Many of the people protesting violently against the lack of respect for animals would not be alive today if it hadn't been for the medical research carried out over the centuries on animals.
Animal rights protestors consistently attack the wrong targets.


Many animal rights activists not only target research centres but the people who work their, their homes and families.

They don't do it, but someone else has to, otherwise their products cannot go on sale.
Animal Rights protestors seem to be able to intimidate and harass law abiding citizens without any fear of legal action.

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Ms Hewitt said it will not affect people's "important right" to peaceful protest but Greg Avery, an anti-vivisection pressure group spokesman said: "The government is bringing in laws to protect people who murder animals."What is your reaction to the new bill?