Learn about the process of selecting a jury

• In Pinal County there are two (2) grand jury panel days held each week. One panel will meet every Monday and the other will meet every Wednesday. Once you have appeared and gone through the selection process your term of service is complete for four (4) years. Federal Grand Jury and Alternates are excluded.

Learn about the process of selecting a jury.

Also during voir dire, the case manager will randomly select the required number of jurors and put their name cards on the jury selection board. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, a civil jury will consist of 8 jurors, with no alternates, and a criminal jury will consist of 12 jurors, with 2 alternates.

Jury Selection Process: How Does it Work?

The jury selection committee will make recommendations to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, who will appoint the Jury.

Free reserved parking is provided for all those appearing for jury duty. Please bring the parking ticket that you will receive upon entering the parking garage, with you to be validated. Once you have parked your vehicle in the garage, proceed to the pedestrian walkway on the third (3rd) floor of the garage. This walkway will provide you with covered access to the third (3rd) floor of the Judicial Complex between the North and East Wings. View the section for detail and maps.

How Are Potential Jurors Selected

The final selection of Jury members will aim to represent people from different backgrounds and with different skillsets, and to ensure appropriate representation of women, Indigenous peoples, minority groups and people with disabilities.

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As shown in the graphic above, prospective jurors are first part of a large jury pool. Then, they are assigned to panels, which are smaller groups from which jurors are selected. Propspective jurors that are put on a jury panel, or "impaneled", are briefed by the judge and questioned by attorneys for both sides. This questioning is called "voir dire", which means to speak the truth.

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During voir dire, attorneys attempt to delve more deeply into the jury panel member's responses provided in their written juror questionnaires. The goal is to gain a better understanding of each person individually as well as potential group dynamics.

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For both the defense and prosecution, voir dire constitutes a very important part of a jury trial. Effective voir dire can work to identify jurors who can be fair and impartial, rather than unfair and biased regarding a particular party or the entire criminal justice system. Clearly, the desired ultimate outcome in a jury trial is different for the prosecution and defense. However, both sides essentially have similar goals during the voir dire and jury selection process. Those goals include beginning to:

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Once in a courtroom, jurors will be qualified by the presiding judge and attorneys through the "voir dire" process. This process is used to select individuals who will sit and hear the evidence of a trial.