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Since mostevolutionists maintain it took over a billion years for such complexlife to evolve, the missing fossils leading up to these complex formssuggests something is amiss with the Theory of Evolution.

Evolutionists faced an even greater problem in explaining the next ..
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Ray Comfort is disappointingly a creationist, not a soft-core porn star or at least the owner of a chain the problem with evolutionists problem in the creationist battle of casual restaurants inevitably located off interstate exits.

Do Evolutionists Believe in God? A Study | Evolution Space

one of the interesting methods evolutionists employ to overcome this problem is to “produce” the fossils they cannot find
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Since most evolutionists contend thatmodern man evolved around one million years ago, this creates a seriousproblem because this makes it older than , the creature evolutionists now point to as the ancestor of mankind.