Who Commits Acquaintance Rape?

One symptom in particular is shaken trust. Having known their assailant, many survivors have great difficulty with trusting others. Survivors feel "on guard" with acquaintances they once trusted.

Among the trials which have received the most coverage have been those involving acquaintance rape.

“She caught the flavor of what she was painting and put it in bold terms — surprising, really, because Mary was not a bold public person,” he added. “Even in private conversation, she was always modest and fairly reserved. She was always steady, though. There were turbulent times, especially in Ipswich, but she was steady.”

The Effects of Acquaintance Rape

"Blaming the victim" seems to be an all too prevalent reaction to acquaintance rape.

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date, acquaintance, statutory, and marital

At the time of this writing, events involving sexual harassment, sexual coercion, and acquaintance rape of female Army recruits at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and other military training facilities are being investigated.

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These intrusive symptoms produce a great deal of anxiety as survivors never know when the next flashback or sensation will occur. This anticipation and discomfort leads to . These symptoms keep the survivor in a continuous state of high alert for potential danger. Hypervigilence is fueled by the feeling that the world is not safe both externally and internally. Survivor's bodies often respond to reminders of the rape as if it is happening in the present. This is to ensure that the acts or feelings associated with the rape alert the survivor of danger. Survivors may know in their "mind" that the rape was in the past, but the body, having no sense of time, responds as if it is happening in the present.

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A world full of fear and feelings of being unsafe may cause survivors to contemplate ending their life. Survivors are 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide. Suicide may seem the only way to escape the symptoms of PTSD, alcohol/drug dependence, or other symptoms associated with rape. In addition, some survivors experience "passive suicidality." For example, individuals may not necessarily want to die, but may welcome an accident or something else that would put them out of their misery.

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