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Before long, pornography becomes a sexual whirlpool, pulling users into deeper and deeper habits and into more and more extreme versions of pornography.The pornography industry understands that pornographic images desensitize viewers over time.

The economic incentives are a big part of the pornography industry, Paul understands.
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Roger Charman of Focus on the Family's Pastoral Ministries reports that approximately 20 percent of the calls received on their Pastoral Care Line are for help with issues such as pornography and compulsive sexual behavior.

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Some pastors report that pornography is now the leading cause of marital distress and breakup.
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It was not something I considered relevant to me, nor did I consider it -- in the daunting spectrum of social, cultural, and political problems -- a particularly pressing issue facing this country," recalls Pamela Paul, author of "Pornified: How Pornography Is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families." Her new book is likely to attract attention as it represents one of the few comprehensive reports on how pornography has transformed American culture.Paul, a contributor to TIME magazine and other major journals, developed her interest in the cultural impact of pornography when she was asked to write about the subject for TIME.

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9 out of 10 children aged between the ages of 8 and 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, in most cases unintentionally (London School of Economics January 2002).

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The victims include not only those whose lives, marriages, relationships, careers and sexuality are corrupted, but also everyone involved in the vast pornography industry at every stage.

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"Men and women who came of age during the sixties, seventies, or eighties, or whose experience with pornography dates to those eras, think of pornography in terms of gauzy centerfolds, outre sexuality, women's liberation, and the Hugh Hefner lifestyle.

Pornography is a loaded subject

The harm, of course, is not just physical. A study this week revealed that the number of schoolgirls at risk of emotional problems has risen sharply. Scientists for the Journal of Adolescent Health were surprised to see a 7 per cent spike in only five years among. Boys remained fairly stable while girls faced “unique pressures”. Researchers said the causes could include the drive to achieve an unrealistic body shape, perpetuated by social media and an increasing sexualisation of young women.

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While increasing numbers of women are involved with pornography in various ways -- as producers, users, distributors and victims -- the major users of sexual pornography are men, both young and old.