Given the enormity of the AIDS epidemic, ..

A critical evaluation of the political and policy response to the AIDS epidemic as a public health crisis in the United States that details the role of the public health bureaucracy.

The fact that there was no African epidemic until the early 1980s did not seem pertinent.

(Los Alamos is the official home of nuclear bomb-building, alleged Chinese spies, and the laboratory which directed secret human radiation experiments on unsuspecting civilians from the 1940s up to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.)

The AIDS epidemic is hitting ..

AIDS in Africa could not be caused by a virus jumping species in the 50s if it had already jumped species back in the 1930s.

On November 16, 2003, CBS was supposed to have to aired "The Reagans" - an unflattering portrait of President Ronald Reagan who presided over the first years of the AIDS epidemic.

Labor and capital have often been at odds in recent centuries

Determining the answer would be important because discovering how AIDS came to be an epidemic might prevent a similar catastrophe in the future." ("The AIDS questions that linger," January 30, 2001).

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With the emergence of the AIDS epidemic in 1981 a new wave of anti-LGBT discrimination began, including the lack of government funding for research and treatment and threats of quarantine (, ). Highlights of this vast literature include narrative histories (, ), direct action politics (), policy response and bureaucratic failure (, , ), and elite and public attitudes (; ; ; ). The works here primarily focus on those that employ social science theory and/or connect directly to broader literature on LGBT politics.

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The refusal of AIDS scientists to recognize cancer microbe research, published in peer reviewed scientific journals, is a further indication that the AIDS establishment seeks to control all aspects of HIV research in such a way as to never connect the origin of AIDS with previous cancer research and covert biological warfare research.

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It is now apparent that most of the major researchers promoting the African primate origin of AIDS were connected with the largely secret Special Virus Cancer Program, or are scientists involved in the transfer of viruses in animal research, particularly primate research.

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Employs surveys of state legislators to assess legislator and state support for funding AIDS-related health care. The authors find that legislator political ideology, party affiliation, and sex are the strongest predictors of attitudes about AIDS-related Medicaid policies. AIDS-related state policies are explained with reference to AIDS prevalence, constituency characteristics, and legislator attitudes.