- Extrabiomes XL: 24 options for the three types of wasteland grass.

In addition to a handful of textures for primarily gem-related blocks and hardened clay, this patch also adds a ton of new options for both the new slime blocks and the three types of decorative stone.

- Added a new pink and purple flower theme pack icon to denote you are using Definitive Painterly.
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At the time, Tom was supplement-ing his income as a part-time hunting guide. With the local feral hog popula-tion exploding, so was the popularity of pig hunting, with a steady stream of clients from the nearby Dallas area. The Quacas saw an opportunity to capitalize. In 2000, they purchased several hundred acres on the outskirts of Groesbeck, named it Triple Q Ranch and started outfitting for hogs, white-tails and a variety of exotic species. With literally tens of thousands of fe-ral hogs in the area, the Quacas have a steady supply of local pigs to trap and transfer to their fenced property. And the local ranchers are only too happy to let them do it.

- Zombies and Zombie Pigmen updated to 1.4 compatibility.

SUMMARY In The Pigman and Me a young boy tells about his experiences with a new boy and new rules.
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The update adds the aforementioned 2 lava animations, 2 grape replacements for crops, 2 grape replacements for reeds/sugarcane, grape and wine replacements for cane, paper, books, wheat and bread, 2 wine rack replacements for bookshelves, a glass bucket option, 6 new wood trellis window options, 5 new storage chest options, a new biome leaf texture, 4 new grass textures - golf course and ZekeySpaceyLizard pattern (used with permission) in normal and biome versions, and a ZekeySpaceyLizard-inspired quilted cloth texture and matching dyes.

The "Real" Legend of the Pig Man from 'American …

Apologies, however, I've got something very special planned to mark the 5 million downloads event here at Painterly, which will be happening pretty darn soon!

This pack rounds out the last of the Release Candidate options that were missing, and fixes a few minor issues in current packs.

Paul Zindel Interview: "The Pigman"

- 9 new moons - shimmering shattered moon, square moon, eye, phasing harvest, phasing boneyard, eclipse, chairface chippenmoon, alienist moon, and the classic minecraft moon.

How long did it take you to write The Pigman

Some new items to check out on the site:

- Added new widgets for patch notes and donations (which you've found if you're here.)
- Added a twitter feed widget.

When did you start writing your first book

- 10 variants on the nether star, including classic, skullpiles, open and closed lament configurations, open and closed runeboxes, and a lich's phylactery.

How autobiographical is "The Pigman"

- Ender gate keys in teal eye, purple eye, glyph, marble, and star styles.
- A variety grab bag of record options, including plain records, ornamented records that match the song style/name/theme, and a few bonus ones for good measure.
- New, faster, more reliable site back-end coming soon!