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I’m sick to death of hearing about victims, survivors or whatever desciption happens to be fashionable at the time when the real problem is people like you who make money from other people’s misfortune.

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My late Mother was deafened by war work and this was accepted by War Pensions (on appeal) but she presented her claim “too late” as she falsely believed that the provisions of the Official Secrets Act applied to all who had served in WW2 Having worked on the Enigma Code Breaking she never even discussed this with my late Father or he with her about his war work.
Why then if such limitations apply in these circumstances do sensible limits not apply to all other cases of Civil or Criminal injustice. Would I be labelled a cynic if I expressed my opinion that it is a money related exercise by lawyers – let alone the real victims – prompted to seek “compo” from tax paying citizens

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1. The reason that other countries have a Statute of Limitations on sexual offences is precisely to deal with the situation you describe.
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I am going to make a statement tomorrow to the police regarding being abused by a man in a position of trust which happened approx 40 years ago…..I am doing so because of the painful memories and feelings of guilt and shame and would like to point out to the despicable Raymond Peytors that the media have used recent historical cases ie. Jimmy Saville to raise awareness? sell papers? get veiwers? whatever the reason, the result is…….I can’t go a week now when I am not confronted with people discussing the cases or new cases, or being in a room with people when a new report is on the news….and each time all the feelings of guilt and shame, and all the wasted life i’ve led trying to cope with everything i’ve ever said and done has been tainted and affected by my abuse…..So for the record a crime was committed, I was not able to talk about it before now…but I am determined to see Justice done…..if you had your way i would have no redress….the tone of your article suggest you are a sympathiser of peodophiles! It is up to the courts to decide if a victim is telling the truth….if you heard me or anyone else who had been abused telling their story…you would be in no doubt that a crime was commited…..You offend me by saying ‘so called victims’ and suggesting that being on hard times is a reason for coming forward, the problem has been brought to the surface over the last few years and that has opened old wounds …it sickeens me that you feel after a certain time has past ie if you can get away with a crime long enough you dont have to face the punishment….. I hope you do not one day hear your son or daughter say I was abused as a child…..but if you did you would not be proud of the tone of your article.

California Victim Compensation Board — CalVCB

provides services to crime victims and witnesses whose cases are prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General, including Sexually Violent Persons petitions. The program is also available to the 102 state’s attorneys across Illinois.

Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) …

trains registered nurses and other professionals who treat and assist sexual assault patients to provide a higher level of care and reduce re-traumatization of victims.

25/01/2017 · Toll Free Hotline1-855-48-VOICEU.S

is a 40-hour intensive course of study for crime victim service providers and law enforcement personnel. The IVAA is designed to improve the quality and consistency of victim services in Illinois.

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Sexual assault perpetrated against transgender individuals may be a component of an anti-transgender hate crime or may be linked to other demographic variables such as race. According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP):

Media Release – Exploration of selected contact crimes …

In the NCAVP 2009 report on hate violence, 50 percent of people who died in violent hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people were transgender women; the other half were male, many of whom were gender non-conforming. Sexual assault and/or genital mutilation before or after their murders was a frequent occurrence.