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People and animals universally prefer the taste of cooked food over raw, except for fruit, which was designed by the plant to be eaten by animals; no other foods were designed to be eaten and digested (except nectar, blossoms, and mother’s milk). The toxins created by cooking, such as , can cause health problems in humans, including chronic diseases. But cooking also destroys some toxins, making otherwise inedible food palatable. Cooking also reduces , which makes meat tough, to gelatin (called the protein, when it falls apart), and converts raw starch to a far more digestible form. However, , humans only have to live long enough to produce offspring. The degenerative diseases (especially artery disease, cancer, and diabetes) that shorten human lives today would have been irrelevant in the ancient past, when virtually nobody lived long enough to die of old age and they could reproduce long before the deleterious effects of cooked food caught up with them. Many detriments of cooking and food processing have only become important to human welfare with the advent of civilization. Cooking would have been an undisputed advantage long ago.

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There is some evidence that people can become ill if they remain near the energy field generated by those devices, but it also seems that either a way has been developed to shield the field within the device, or the devices have to operate a little ways from biological organisms, so they might have to be in a separate room in a home or compartment in a vehicle. That problem may also have been solved, and I will assume that it has been. The device that I have in mind is solid-state, cheaply made, and produces, for all intents and purposes, as much energy as a person wants.

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I always bring my NeilMed Neti Pot to Ohio with me when I visit my mom. She has a pool and I always seemed to have problems with sinus congestion when I visit. I didn’t really put 2 & 2 together until reading this that the pool might be the cause of the problem. Here I was thinking I was allergic to Ohio! I use the waterproof ear plugs, but maybe I will also purchase a nose clip. I will definitely take your advise and use the Neti Pot after I swim! I already use it all the time for constant sinus issues and to help after I dust! 😀

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My son has suffered with sinus trouble since he was a little baby. After having tubes in his tiny ears, he still suffered, and 24 years later, the problem still exist. He does take medicines for relief, but I would love to see if this product could ease some of his discomfort. So please, let me give my son the gift of relief! How do I sign up???

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Chlorine is a great way to keep pools clean, but it can be incredibly irritating to people with sensitive skin and sinuses, such as my son. We found that there are alternative options to Chlorine, such as various Ozone technologies, but the problem is that they can be very expensive. Until we win the lottery (LOL!) we’re stuck with the chlorinated local pool. Using ear plugs and taking a clean shower after swimming seems to help him a bit. I hope that technology improves enough to find other, safer ways to keep pool water clean.

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