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The "coon song" was an important genre a centuryago, and no discussion of popular music of that time can becomplete without acknowledging as much. Sheet music of suchsongs, generally with cover illustrations that demeanAfrica-Americans, sold well. Approximately one in fifteen newrecords released each month by such companies as Victor, Edison,and Columbia was a "coon" song. Characterizing anycomic number as a "coon song" helped sales. When ThomasA. Edison's National Phonograph Company issued comic numbers in1903 sung by a young Billy Murray, promotional literaturecharacterized "Bedelia" (on cylinder #8550) as an"Irish coon serenade" (sheet music states, "IrishCoon Song Serenade") and "Mary Ellen" (#8597) wascalled an "Irish coon serenade with orchestraaccompaniment."

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(see attachment Shown Below) I will also be starring in the world premiere of the new play Ravensridge by TS Cook, co-writer of The China Syndrome and Out Of The Darkness--the tv movie where I played the Son Of Sam.

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There were breakthroughs in black musical comedy, whichessentially began with A Trip to Coontown. The show's title,which is offensive today, parodies that of one of the best-lovedshows of the 1890s, A Trip to Chinatown. The all-black show wasnot a Broadway production (it opened on April 4, 1898, at anout-of-the-way theater in New York City), nor was it especiallysuccessful. But the show was a landmark since it was completelywritten, produced, and performed by African Americans. Monthslater, in July, a short play featuring an all-black cast openedat the Casino Roof Garden, at the top of Broadway's CasinoTheatre, which was patronized by white audiences. TitledClorindy, or The Origin of the Cake Walk, it introduced thepopular song "Darktown Is Out Tonight." Within a fewyears, Bert Williams and George Walker--the comic team ofWilliams and Walker--would be stars in Broadway shows.