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After the first or second year of marriage, when the initial "tingle" is starting to fade, many couples find that their "love tanks" are empty. They may have been for their spouse, but in reality, they may have been speaking a different love language. The best way to fill your spouse's love tank is to express love in their love language.

 Each of us has a primary love language. Usually, couples do not have the same love language.

These people place a lot of importance on physical affection and touch. Not necessarily sex per se, but hugs, hand holding, an impromptu massage and so on. This physical contact is very reassuring and meaningful to someone with this love language.

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The love of money is what motivates people to lie, steal, cheat, gamble, embezzle, and even murder.

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Paul concludes the passage by telling Timothy that the love of money leads to all sorts of sin and evil.

Simple reflection on this principle will confirm that it is true.

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Black magic spells can be gentle or strong, suggestive or coercive; what makes them all black magic spells is that they have something to do with hurting, harming, goofering, jinxing, or hot footing enemies.