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It is because we are living life AS SPIRIT ON EARTH that we are able to shift from one level of awareness to another, back and forth; sometimes spontaneously, other times quite intentionally.

But this does not mean that we humans are the only living spirits in God's great Kingdom of Spirit.

Letdirectors be content with disposing them for this according to evangelical perfection,which lies in nakedness and emptiness of sense and spirit; and let them not desire to goany further than this in building, since that function belongs only to the Father oflights from whom descends every good and perfect gift [Jas.

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What, then, will be the shadows of the grandeurs of his virtues and attributesthat the Holy Spirit casts on the soul?

Since every living being lives by its operations, as the philosophers say, andthe soul's operations are in God though its union with him, it lives the life of God.15Thus it changed its death to life, its animal life to spiritual life.

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For he declared thatthe Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit would take up their abode in those who love himby making them live the life of God and dwell in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit[Jn.

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Youwould consider it good fortune that, dying to this world and to yourselves, you would liveto God in the delights of the spirit, and patiently and faithfully suffering exteriortrials, which are small, you would merit that God fix his eyes on you and purge you moreprofoundly through deeper spiritual trials in order to give you more interior blessings.

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People, then, should live with great patience and constancy in all thetribulations and trials God places on them, whether they be exterior or interior,spiritual or bodily, great or small, and they should accept them all as from God's hand asa good remedy and not flee from them, for they bring health.

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Thus they are not merelypaid, but even the Judeans, their enemies, the inordinate appetites, are dead, for thesewere eliminating the spiritual life in which it now lives through its faculties andappetites.

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Until this is achieved one cannot reach the perfection of thespiritual life of union with God, as the Apostle also declares in these words: If youlive according to the flesh you shall die; yet if with the spirit you mortify the deeds ofthe flesh you shall live [Rom.

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In this new lifethat the soul lives when it has arrived at the perfect union with God here beingdiscussed, all the inclinations and activity of the appetites and faculties - of their ownthe operation of death and the privation of the spiritual life - become divine.