Biography of President John F. Kennedy for Kids

"I'm doing a film on the assassination of John Kennedy," said Stone, "not the life of Fletcher Prouty."The bullheadedness had an element of calculation, because by then, Stone had recruited a Vietnam adviser with far more heft than Prouty, an active-duty US Army major named John Newman.

Location of the scene where John Kennedy was assassinated ..

Conspiracy authors specialize in finding "spooky" or "suspicious" happenings in the life of Lee Oswald — happenings that supposedly reveal some sinister connection with a government agency or other group of possible assassination conspirators.

Lee Harvey Oswald -- Lone Assassin or Patsy?

To believe the lone assassin theory you have to conclude that here was a man who in fact could have shot John Kennedy in cold blood.

There are many conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination and with good reason. With nobody alive connected to the murder, the truth will never really be brought to light and there are many unanswered questions. One of the most widely accepted theories is he was assassinated because he was working on reining in the power of the , the US's central banking system. Transferring money and power from the elite that ran the system. As it turns out however, he was actually doing the opposite and giving slightly more power to the Federal Reserve. Muting this theory.