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Although he stood as a ratepayer candidate for the council, becoming alderman and mayor, he was a strong Conservative . Margaret developed what would be a lifelong appreciation of the sense of duty, the good neighbourliness and the civic pride which characterised the best of life in Grantham. She particularly admired the solidarity and generosity which marked out organisations such as Rotary, of which her father was a leading member.

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Through Rotary, her family received an Austrian Jewish girl called Edith into their home after the Anschluss in 1938. Edith’s accounts of persecution induced in Margaret a particular loathing of anti-Semitism long before she came to represent the heavily Jewish Finchley constituency. The war years often saw the Roberts family gathered around their wireless listening to Churchill’s broadcasts. It would often be remarked that in later life Margaret Thatcher showed stronger hostility to Nazism — and, indeed, to Germany — than those who had been involved in combat.

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