Planning a trip to this Indiana park has never been easier

Preparing for this step-change in approach was going to mean something new. The NRA needed to develop a method and supporting database for consistently recording, storing and analysing river habitat data.

Explore the the park's beauty by land or water

This comprehensive course will cover all aspects of the RHS methodology. There will be extensive field work at a variety of sites to give participants plenty of practical experience. A field and written test will take place on the last day of the course. The course will also feature presentations on applications and a hands-on session on Habitat Quality Assessment and context analysis using a new software for data input, QA and analysis that will be advertised shortly.

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Run For All is part of the lasting legacy of the late amateur athlete and Fundraiser Jane Tomlinson CBE.

Each year the River Restoration Centre (RRC) holds an Annual Network Conference that brings together professionals from all areas of river restoration including contractors, engineers, consultants, academics, and representatives from trusts, local organisations, and goverment agencies. The event is run over two days and includes around 50 speakers, workshop sessions and many other opportunities to network and make new contacts. Speakers present interesting, engaging presentations on their research or recent projects on current, hot topics.