The Lamp at Noon by Sinclair Ross | pseudonymous

As light shines through the paper, you will find yourself infused by an aura of airy lightness ; almost as if the lamp were not subject to the law of gravity.

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Merry Christmas! I ordered two wicks from you for my Corona DK23 - an absolutely perfect fit. After wasting my hard-earned cash at Home Depot and Lowes for wicks that SHOULD have fit but didn't, I stumbled upon your web site and I'm sure glad I did. I spent two hours trying to jam a wick in my DK23, I was covered with K1 and aggravated like you wouldn't believe. I tossed it in the garbage in disgust. Maybe that was a Godsend, as it probably would have been dangerous if I had managed to make it fit.

Your wicks came this afternoon, and I REALLY appreciated the instructions for the DK23 that came with the wick. It took me ten minutes and most of that was just cleaning things up. I hope you stay in business for a L-O-N-G time, and I can guarantee that you'll get my business in the future. My regular heating system is electric, and you can never guarantee that the juice will be there when you need it. The 23DK can heat my entire house, and it's not a small house. Even the folks who have oil aren't safe - if the electric goes, the blowers are inoperative. Kerosene isn't cheap this year, but the DK23 puts out a LOT of heat, and we love it. I feel much better now that I don't have to worry about where the wicks are coming from.

AND... your web site is wonderful and informative. Feel free to use me as a reference - a VERY satisfied customer. Thanks again for your great service. Peace to you in this Christmas season and our best for a prosperous and healthy 2006.

Paul, New Jersey

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No two Brides on earth are the same!The collection is comprised of ceiling lamps in two sizes, floor lamps in two sizes and table lamp.

My chimneys are made in the USA from borosilicate glass, thick, defect free, and can take the heat generated by these "white light" lamps without breaking.