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(1998). In a series ofcommercials shownone-time only on February 5, 1998 on NBC, various celebrities areshown masked or unmasking. In the ,Claudia Schiffer takes off her mask and wig and turns out to beJon Lovitz! In ,a blond woman walks up to James Brolin at a party and askswhat he has in his jacket pocket. He pulls out the Sony Minidiscand asks her if she'd like to listen to it. She does and saysthat she, as a big Jim Brolin fan, is shocked that he wouldlisten to that kind of music. He says, "That's becauseyou're not a big Jim Brolin fan. You're Dennis Rodman." Thenhe grabs her hair by the back of the head and pulls off andforward her mask and wig--which is a very good likeness of theactress--revealing Rodman in all his glory (though no explanationof how a 7-foot tall basketball player could impersonate a 5-footwoman). (Review by Jix)

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I am very proud to announce that I received my first CFX mask, I chose the Night King Mask. A few things stood out about my item, the packaging was done first notch, the mask was well wrapped. The next thing that stands out is the outstanding quality of the mask, the color and texture of the mask is unreal. I have read that comment from other reviewers, but I can attest to the beauty of this mask, the subtle colors do not show in the photo on the website. Also the weight of the mask is solid with some weight to the mask, it almost feels like I was putting on a second skin. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and I cant wait to combine this mask with my Fiend gloves, I will post a video for all to see once I receive it.

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The Magus (1968). Anthony Quinnas the Magusplays dirty tricks to Michael Caine including a presentation ofhis attractive assistant disguised as Candice Bergen using amask. (Review by Llwyd)

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She Spies "Learning to Fly" (2003). Attheend there are a couple of unmaskings, one a man peels off themask of another man (the prissy male flight attendant). But theone we're interested in is the well-dressed older redheadedEnglish woman, who unmasks to reveal a man. And this time theyactually "showed" the unmasking (unlike an earlierlamer episode), although it was a typical cutaway scene. (Reviewby Victor)

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(1998). German TV mini-series about ajewelryheist features the female thief in a number of disguisesincluding two masks, one as an old lady, the other as a blondewho unmasks at the end of the movie.

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The Night King is the mysterious leader of the White Walkers in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Pale, blue striated flesh streches upwards into a regal and organic ice crown. This malevolent and powerful being raises more questions than he answers. Male Fit Mask (will accommodate anyone whose head is between 21.25 – 23.5 inches in circumference). Available in the United States of America its territories and possessions Canada the countries of the European Union Australia and New Zealand.