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Japanese Collectivism Vs Western Individualism - …
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Too many Gaijins, ruin Japanese culture.
Gaijins out of Japan, beautiful Japanese culture, beautiful people.
Regards from : Immigration ruined Finland.

Japanese Collectivism Vs Western Individualism

Japanese Collectivism Vs Western Individualism ..
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The no-immigration principle is an institutionalization of the homogeneous-people discourse. The principle basically states that Japan does not accept migrants. Indeed, the M-word (imin in Japanese) is markedly absent in legal, media and popular discourse, where it is replaced by euphemisms such as “entrants” and “foreign workers.” On the policy side, this means that it is necessary to do as much as possible to prevent foreigners in general from staying long or settling down. Tessa Morris-Suzuki argues that this principle has remained relatively unchanged since the first Nationality Law of 1899, which aimed to a) prevent an influx of unskilled labor, and b) restrict access to Japanese nationality.

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You may be correct. I left Japan in the early 90’s, and at that time it was very difficult for Koreans – even those living there for decades – to even get permanent residence.

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Koreans born in Japan automatically have a special status 特別永住者. It is different from my permanent residency primarily in that they do not have to get finger printed at ports of entry. My recollection is that naturalization law changed in 1989. It became much easier for Koreans to become citizens. The change also eliminated the gender discrimination that prevented Japanese women from passing their citizenship to their children in the case where they were married to a foreign national.

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No way of knowing since the Japanese census does not ask questions about ethnicity. You can look at the figures on naturalization. Koreans and Chinese account for the bulk of foreign nationals taking Japanese citizenship. One major reason the number of so-called zainichi has been declining is that they have been taking Japanese citizenship. There’s a lot of paper work but otherwise it’s fairly easy.

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Let’s just boycott their products! Well SK has taken all the tvs and some cars, Germany. Of course you are right it is. The Japanese have a unique way of looking at the world. My myriad Japanese gfs will moan and complain about immigration here and when I say, well, I have read about loads of foreigners complaining about your shoddy immigration in Japan, silence and banality ensues!