I hold my breath and feel the thorn of shame.

For example Mr Oakley says 'git' instead of 'get'.

Figurative Language
- Metaphor: Miss Thorne watched him grow visibly older
- Dramatic Irony: When Tom received a letter from Mrs Beech, he says "Its yer mother, she's ill.

Rural AccentsIn the novel, the villages of the Little Weirwold all have very strong accents.

This, of course, is still more observable with the many who are not so favoured; everywhere there is some good thing withheld or some sad thing added, some "thorn in the flesh." It is sometimes evident to all the world, in other cases only the sufferer himself knows. How easy it is to grow impatient under a discipline such as this — at first to ask that it might be removed, and then if, as it seems, we are not heard, to fret and murmur.


Lily of the Valley: Return of happiness; Sweetness; Tears of the Virgin Mary; Humility; You've made my life complete