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With time and the growing success of the Irish immigrants in the American melting pot, assimilation rendered the Irish in the U.S. more culturally invisible. However, even today, hard drinking, alcohol dependence, shame and “keeping up appearances” are still detectable as historical undercurrents in the Irish Catholic community.

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Breaking the national silence about alcohol abuse and dependence in Ireland and Irish America needs to become a priority. Breaking the silence, and spreading the message that recovery is possible.

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Irish peasants were actually healthier than peasants in Englandor Europe where bread, far less nutritious, was the staple food.

This paper uses the recent controversy between the European Union and the Irish Republic to discuss the more general relation between the European Union, the EMU and the member countries. Despite outstanding economic growth and budget surpluses, Ireland has been criticized by the European Commission because it has reduced taxes in the context of a relatively high rate of inflation. The first part of the paper considers the ways in which the EMU is likely to affect inflation and cyclical unemployment in the member countries over the longer term. The second part deals more specifically with the current Irish situation and the reasons for an EU reprimand of a very small country. That part suggests that an alternative standard, based on the principle of 'do no harm' would have lead to a different outcome. Finally, the paper describes a policy of creating investment-based personal retirement accounts that would allow Ireland to share its future budget surpluses with taxpayers in a way that does not contribute to inflationary pressures.

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In Dublin (and East Coast Irish dialects) the START vowel is definitely raised as well as fronted. So much so, in fact, that “star” sounds nearly like American “stair!”

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The struggle for influence didn’t exactly go away. But the violence morphed into something else: a bureaucratic tangle, an unending argument, a squabble about power-sharing. Over time, the whole Northern Ireland problem became . . . boring. Boring was a lot better than violent. But it also meant that Northern Irish politics drifted off London’s front pages, migrating into history books and West End plays. During the it barely figured. Immediately afterward, I happened to be in Belfast. “They forgot about us,” someone told me.

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In addition to the Irish journalist John Waters, Irish American writers such as Pete Hamill, Frank and Malachy McCourt, and singer Judy Collins, in her memoirs, have already contributed much to the process of breaking the silence by generously sharing their personal experiences for the greater good of alcoholics and other addicts who still suffer, as well as for those of us who have been hurt by their behavior.

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The problem seemed intractable precisely because it was so black and white. Catholic vs. Protestant, united Ireland vs. United Kingdom: There seemed no room for compromise. But when the Good Friday agreement was negotiated in 1998, a compromise was found. Devolution of power from London to Belfast helped. But so did the European Union. Because both Ireland and Britain were E.U. members, no border was needed between the two. Because the E.U. had harmonized regulation, trade was smooth. Residents of Belfast who wanted to be Irish could get Irish passports. Thousands did — including Protestants. The question of which group would rule didn’t disappear so much as dissolve. Things grew blurrier. Sovereignty, once everyone agreed to share it, ceased to be a source of conflict.