What influenced Edgar Allan Poe's ..

(1806-1870) Artist and close friend of Dickens early in his career. He painted several pictures of the Dickens family including the famous , painted in 1839. He was commissioned to provide frescos for the rebuilt Houses of Parliament. Maclise Painting: -1838.

he had never had to live with a foster family

(1795-1881) Scottish novelist and historian (History of the French Revolution) and a major influence and close friend of Dickens. Dickens used Carlyle's work on the French Revolution as background for A Tale of Two Cities.

Even at the age of six, Poe was so afraid of the dead ..

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(1809-1849) American author and poet who met Dickens in Baltimore in 1842. Poe's admiration for Dickens' work was an influence on his own writing. The relationship ended two years later when Poe was slighted in an article about American Poetry written by which Poe believed was the work of Dickens. Dickens' pet raven, Grip, was the inspiration for Poe's poem, The Raven.