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Deforestation is a serious global issue, and it’s good that we should pay attention to it. But it’s very important to ensure that, in our zeal to stop forest loss, policies or metrics don’t inadvertently confound the differing realities of forest harvest versus true deforestation. This is particularly important when those managed forests are harvested under assurances of long-term sustainability. To confuse responsible management with loss does a disservice to the very important issues that may be honestly addressed through corporate “Zero Deforestation” policies. Credible forest certification programs like SFI are actually an important element of such policies, since fiber certified to SFI disallows the inclusion of wood sourced from areas being converted from forests to other land uses.

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February 24-25, 2012 -The Department of Ecology, the Association of Flora, Fauna & Culture, Quintana Roo, the Olympus Tours Foundation and the parents worked together to organize Environmental Day. Informal courses were given to children and their families about the importance of green spaces and gardens they planted fruit trees and ornamental plants. Each child took at least one tree home with them to learn how to care and nurture it.

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The importance of secondary forest blocks for terrestrial mammals within an Acacia/secondary forest matrix in Sarawak, Malaysia

Though it’s almost impossible for any large procurement entity to acquire all of their fiber supply entirely from certified sources, striving for sustainable sourcing can help meet zero-deforestation goals, and apply market pressure to ensure responsible management and forest regeneration. For non-certified forests in the United States and Canada, like most of those belonging to millions of family forest owners, SFI’s Fiber Sourcing Standard places important responsibilities in the hands of the procuring entity. This effectively elevates performance at the critical moment of harvest in important areas like water quality, biodiversity protection, and regeneration.

Reforestation Earth Day Network works to reforest our planet through on-the-ground tree planting projects and building strong communities that protect and care for trees.

Many smaller wildlife corridor projects may be undertaken as part of a larger corridor initiative, each making an important contribution to connecting the landscape.